6 Reasons You Need an LED Neon Wedding Sign

May 9, 2022

LED neon angel wings sign positioned on floral wall behind the top table at a wedding

LED neon signs are incredibly popular right now. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia which is an increasingly popular element at weddings at the moment. There are lots of reasons why you need an LED neon wedding sign- keep reading to find out how they will instantly upgrade your decor…

What Are LED Neon Signs?

LED signs are a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional neon signs. LED signs are low-energy, require no maintenance and can last up to 100,000 hours. They are a brilliant solution if you want the look of a retro neon sign without the risk.

Reasons You Need An LED Neon Wedding Sign

1. They Create A Retro Atmosphere

One of the main reasons you need an LED neon sign at your wedding? They create the perfect retro atmosphere. LED neon signs fit in perfectly with weddings that are inspired by a certain decade. Whether you’re going for a 50s Americana vibe, or more of a 60s British feel, adding a neon sign to your big day is an easy way of helping your guests to reminisce about days gone by.

2. Lots of Personalisation Options

The personalisation element is one of the best parts about LED neon signs. Our most popular wedding LED neon signs are the surnames of the lucky couple, however there are so many possibilities. Popular choices also include first dance song lyrics, wedding vows and movie quotes. If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at our 23 ideas for neon wedding signs!

3. Multipurpose

Did you know that LED neon signs are a great investment? They can be used on your big day, but they can be displayed in your home afterwards. Just like in the world of weddings, LED neon signs are still dominating interiors. If you’ve got a blank wall in your home, sprucing it up with a personalised LED neon sign is an ideal way of adding some character. You will always be reminded of your wedding when you see your LED neon sign; it is a modern and creative way of memory keeping!

4. Easy to Spruce Up

Of course LED neon signs look stunning on their own, however they can be spruced up if you want to create a huge impact. We regularly work with Balloonilicious to create LED neon signs for their events, and they always style them beautifully. Think beautiful balloon arches, pampas grass and sequin walls.

5. Designated Photo Spot

If you want to add an extra element to your wedding photos, having your LED neon sign in the background can help give your photos a unique twist. Having a sign against a backdrop also gives your guests a designated photo spot to capture fun selfies. Our LED neon signs photograph brilliantly meaning they can add an extra dimension to your wedding photos. If you want to see what our wedding signs look like in photos, you can take a look at our gallery.

6. Endless Design Possibilities

We offer a huge range of design choices when it comes to our LED neon signs however our most popular style of LED neon signs include cursive fonts which capture the romance of marriage. You can read more details about our neon signs here which includes pricing, colours and sizes.

Now that you’ve read through the reasons you need a neon sign at your wedding, get in touch with #teamellis now so we can create a sign to remember!

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