23 Neon Wedding Signs Guaranteed to Wow your Guests

March 7, 2022

Why Choose Neon Wedding Signs?

Neon wedding signs are more popular than ever. The retro resurgence of the neon sign has sparked a high-demand for the bright lights- they’re set to be on trend for this year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to neon wedding signs. Whether you’re after a neon bar sign or a neon name sign, we’ve got you. Take a look through our ideas to give you plenty of inspiration when you get hitched!

Ideas for Neon Wedding Signs

1. Surname Neon Sign

Having your surname transformed into a neon sign is incredibly popular right now. Not only can you hang the neon surname sign up at your wedding, but you can also have it displayed in your home to remind you of your special day. Neon signs featuring your last name look amazing displayed above the head table at the wedding meal!

2. Bar Neon Sign

Neon bar signs have increased in popularity lately because they are a fun way of showing your guests where they can grab a cocktail. Why not opt for ‘cheers’ in cursive letters, or Queen Bey’s iconic lyrics ‘drunk in love’? If you have a home bar then this is a great idea as you can reuse it after the wedding! Or how about how a neon sign which says ‘love on the rocks’?

3. First Dance Neon Sign

Having the lyrics of your first dance turned into a neon sign is a super romantic way of using neon. The pictures from your first dance will look twice as beautiful as the special lyrics will be in shot. if you’re wanting romantic neon wedding signs, the lyrics of your first dance illuminated is the way to go. ‘This must be the place’, inspired by the iconic Talking Heads song, is an incredibly popular choice right now.

4. Wayfinding Neon Sign 

Wayfinding signs are another way of saying directional signs. Its a good idea to have some directional signage at your wedding, especially if the venue is large. Why not turn some simple directions such as ‘bar this way’ into a neon sign? 

5. Call to Action Neon Sign

Having a call to action sign is an easy way of prompting your guests to interact with the activities you have set up. A neon sign above your guest book saying ‘sign our guestbook’ will make the guestbook stand out, as well as prompting people to sign it. 

6. Wedding Vows Neon Sign

We love neon signs because no matter what they say, they make an impression. Having something simple such as ‘I do’ can be an effective way of adding to your wedding decor. It’s simple, romantic and we all know what it means. 

7. Movie Quote Neon Sign

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to get your favourite movie quote turned into a neon sign. Maybe you’re a lover of Dirty Dancing? The quote ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’ is a great choice, plus it gives your wedding a retro vibe. 

8. Dialect Neon Sign

We recently created a neon sign saying ‘I propa love you like’, which is a way of saying I love you in Geordie slang. Show that you’re proud of where you’re from by getting your regional dialect transformed into a neon sign! We guarantee this one will go down well with friends and family. 

9. Altar Neon Sign

Modernize your ceremony altar by decorating with a neon sign. We’d recommend something simple and romantic for the altar like ‘it was always you’ or ‘better together’. 

10. Song Lyrics Neon Sign

We’ve previously mentioned having your first dance lyrics made into neon, but maybe you want something to get the party started instead. Having neon wedding signs with fun illuminated lyrics is a great way to get your guests involved.

11. Monogram Neon Sign

A monogram is created by overlapping letters to create a symbol. They are a great way of creating a chic and elegant statement with neon. These signs can be reused after you wedding and used as a feature piece in your home. 

12. Themed Neon Sign

Have you got a particular theme in mind for your wedding? Perhaps you’re going for a beach themed wedding and need something special to fit in with the theme? A neon sign saying ‘life’s a beach’ will certainly catch the attention of your guests! 

13. Handwritten Neon Sign

A super special way of making your neon sign more personal is by getting some handwriting turned into a neon sign. If your partner has written you a love letter with a special message, you can get it turned into a beautiful neon sign which you can keep forever. 

14. Heart Neon Sign

Simple but effective, a classic heart shape is guaranteed to go down well at your wedding. Having a neon sign in the shape of a heart is something you could add to a backdrop and use as a photo wall- let your guests get creative with their photos! 

15. Fairytale Neon Sign

Emphasise your love story by having lines from popular fairy tales turned into neon. Some ideas for a fairytale sign include ‘once upon a time’ and ‘happily ever after’. 

16. Year of Marriage Neon Sign

You don’t just have to have words on a neon sign! Why not get the year and your partner met or the year of your wedding turned into a neon sign? Plus, you’ll never forget your anniversary! 

17. Funny Neon Sign

Do you and your partner have an inside joke together? Since our neon signs can be displayed in your home after your wedding, having a funny sign is great because who doesn’t love having a laugh? A funny neon sign can also be a brilliant conversation starter at your wedding! 

18. Inspiring Neon Sign

Inspire your wedding guests to fall in love by having neon quotes such as ‘love is friendship set on fire’. Weddings are all about love so a sign about being loved up will fit right in!

19. Foodie Neon Sign

The days of fancy sit down dinners are long gone, as more and more people are opting for food stations at their weddings stocking their favourite food. Whether its doughnuts, popcorn or pizza, opt for a food-related neon sign saying something like ‘bon appetit’ to encourage guests to try the edible goods. 

20. Hashtag Neon Sign

As we live in a digital obsessed world, having your very own wedding hashtag is the thing to do now. This means anyone who was at your wedding will be able to share the moments they captured from your special day. Consider using your surname after the hashtag so that you can display your neon sign in your home after the wedding!

21. Table Numbers Neon Sign

Why stop at just one neon sign? If you have a lot of guests attending your wedding, table numbers are a must. Your table numbers don’t have to be huge as the light from the LEDs will be enough. Rest the neon table numbers on acrylic stands for maximum visibility!

22. Dance Floor Neon Sign

Dancing is the best part of a wedding, right? Help your guests dance the night away by having a fun ‘disco’ neon sign right above the dance floor! You could opt for other words and quotes too, like ‘dance the night away’ and ‘dance like nobody’s watching’. 

23. Toast Neon Sign

A fun idea for your wedding is to have something about a toast. How about a sign saying ‘to us’ or ‘raise a glass”? These signs would work above a bar, too!

Are you feeling inspired to get your very own neon wedding signs? Remember, our neon signs can also be displayed in your home after the wedding! Get in touch now to get the ball rolling on your neon sign. If you’re still unsure about how you’d like your neon wedding signs to look, contact us here and we will give you plenty of guidance. 

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