Neon Wedding Signs: Everything You Need to Know

May 4, 2022

Neon wedding sign displaying the words 'Mrs & Mrs' written in a cursive font in a warm white lighting. The sign is displayed within a gold and green balloon arch behind a pair of round rattan chairs.

Why Choose Neon Wedding Signs?

Wedding trends come and go, but it looks like neon signs are here to stay. They were huge in the interiors market and now they’re dominating the wedding world. Neon signs are a great decor choice for your wedding because they look beautiful and can really help capture the vibe of your big day.

How Much Do They Cost?

Our wedding signs start from £350 at a size of 850mm. We have found this size to be the most popular as it is visible in photos, plus it can be displayed in your home afterwards. You can get in touch with us to discuss different size options, and we can advise on the best sizes for you.

Can I Hire a Neon Wedding Sign?

We don’t hire out signs, however you can contact Balloonilicious who offer a range of signs by us which you can hire out for your big day.

Where Can I Display My Neon Sign?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to displaying your neon sign at your wedding. You could display your neon sign at the dance floor, the bar or even at the altar. Wherever you choose to display your sign, we guarantee it’ll make a huge impact.

What Should My Neon Sign Say?

This is the fun part! Our most popular neon wedding signs are the couple’s surnames, especially as they make such a beautiful addition to the home after the wedding. We have a huge list of ideas for neon wedding signs here to give you plenty of inspiration.

How Can I Display My Neon Sign?

When ordering your neon sign, you have the option to have the sign with or without holes. Depending on where you plan on displaying your sign, we will be able to advise you on how to install your sign.

What Colours Can My Neon Sign Be Made With?

We offer a big range of colours for our LED signs: choose from cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, ice blue, lemon yellow, golden yellow, amber, pink, light pink and violet. Our most popular LED colour is warm white as this suits every location, plus it photographs beautifully.

How Can I Order A Sign

Ordering a sign with us is simple, and there are a few ways. We recommend using the contact form on our website, or alternatively you can email us at You can also call us on 01914603000- we’re always happy to chat!

Why Choose Ellis Signs?

Ellis Signs has been creating an image since 1983. Our decades of knowledge and experience mean we are capable of creating high-quality signage which will surpass your expectations. Ellis Signs is a trusted and recommended name within the signage industry, so you know you’re in good hands when you choose #teamellis. Also, we make all of our signs on-site at our premises in Blaydon, so you can be assured that quality and precision will go into your sign.

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