28 Neon Sign Ideas for Restaurants

May 27, 2022

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Traditional neon sign for restaurant - neon sign shows an orange burger bun with yellow and red fillings, with the word 'spy' written underneath in white neon. The burger and name have a blue neon ring around them.

Did you know there are 46,248 restaurants and takeaways in the UK as of 2022?

With huge competition, it’s important to make your restaurant stand out as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to give your restaurant decor a unique twist is with the help of a neon sign.

If you’re looking for some neon sign ideas for restaurants, then you’re in the right place.

Over the past few years, we have seen a resurgence of neon signs thanks to our love for nostalgia and bright lights.

Why Choose A Neon Sign?

Lots Of Personalisation Options

There are plenty of design opportunities when it comes to creating a neon sign. You have creative control when it comes to your neon sign when it comes to wording, size, font and colours. Needless to say, your sign will be completely unique!

They Act As A Marketing Tool

Neon signs also act as a great marketing tool, as people are likely to snap a photo of your sign and post it on Instagram. You can attach your sign to a backdrop such as a flower wall, or you can simply attach it straight onto the wall- whatever you choose, we guarantee your sign will make a huge impact.

They Are Nostalgic

The main reason traditional neon signs are so popular is because they have the nostalgia factor. Neon signs were first popular during the 1950s, when the age of consumerism was at its peak. Using the traditional method of neon sign making allows businesses to tap into the nostalgic element of days gone by.

Neon Sign Ideas For Restaurants

Pizza Neon Sign Ideas

Is your restaurant renowned for the best handmade pizza in your area? Make sure everybody knows! A colourful neon sign is an easy way of catching the attention of dough-eyed pizza lovers.

1. Pizza goals

2. In crust we trust

3. Life happens, pizza helps

4. Slice slice baby

5. All I need is wifi and pizza

Mexican Food Neon Sign Ideas

Looking to spice up your Mexican restaurant? A neon sign is the best way to show some personality whilst also spreading brand awareness.

6. Let’s taco bout it

7. Hey hot stuff

8. It’s beginning to look a lot like tacos

9. Taco Tuesday

10. Taco squad

Sushi Neon Sign Ideas

Roll all of your ideas into one with a sushi inspired neon sign. Some neon lighting is a great way for customers to snap photos of your restaurant and share them on social media, helping your UGC marketing strategy.

11. You had me at sushi

12. They see me rollin’

13. This is how we roll

14. I’m soy into you

15. Dream big, eat sushi

Burger Neon Sign Ideas

Do you want to sink your teeth into some new restaurant decor? Start with a traditional neon sign- the best way of splashing some personality onto some blank walls.

16. We go together like burger and fries

17. Extra cheese, please

18. Don’t go bacon my heart

19. Burger vibes

20. The meat is on

Food Neon Sign Ideas

If you’re after a general food neon sign, you can’t go wrong with our ideas below. A neon sign is a sure-fire way of having your restaurant shared on Instagram by other fellow foodies.

21. Good food, good mood

22. #foodgoals

23. Good eats

24. Cravings

25. In the mood for food

26. Cooked to perfection

27. Bon appetit

28. Food glorious food

Before You Go…

Now that you’ve read through the reasons you need a neon sign at your restaurant, get in touch with #teamellis now so we can create a sign to remember! If you’re still in need of some inspiration for a custom LED sign, head over to our Pinterest page where you can pin our signs to your own boards.

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