Happy New Year Neon Sign Ideas 2023

November 29, 2022

Warm white happy new year neon sign against a silver sequin backdrop for Vicky Pattison's NYE party

2024 is just around the corner, which means party season is upon us. Although we’re wondering how this year has gone so quickly, we’re also super excited for the celebrations ahead. It may be cold in December, but the sparkles and champagne make up for the chilly weather.

Looking to be the host with the most this December?

We’ve got you.

The easiest way to stand out with party decor is with the use of a happy new year neon sign.

If you have a bare wall, use a faux neon sign to add some character. Alternatively, use sequin walls and balloons to add extra elements of glamour.

Ellis Signs designed and manufactured the happy new year neon sign pictured above for events company Balloonilicious. The sign was subsequently used at Vicky Pattison’s NYE party– it looked absolutely incredibly thanks to #teamellis and some gorgeous event styling.

Why Choose A Neon Sign For Your Party?

They Are Unique

Our faux neon signs come with a huge range of design options, allowing you to create a totally unique sign. We offer a range of personalisation options including wording, colour, font and size. Create a one of a kind sign using our combination of design variations.

They Are Reusable

It is important for us all to try and be as sustainable as possible and reuse things where we can. One of the positive factors about faux neon signs is the way they can be reused for years to come. We are all guilty of buying one-use decorations during the holiday season, however it is never too late to change this habit. Whether you are purchasing a sign for your home or business, we guarantee it will be the centre of attention at every New Year party.

They Look Perfect In Photos

Selfies with your loved ones are an obligatory part of any New Year party. Make those moments stand out with the help of a neon sign. Our signs photography beautifully, and help add ambience to your photographs. Make your snaps look extra special by setting up a designated selfie wall at your party!

Happy New Year Neon Sign Ideas

1. Happy New Year

2. 2024

3. New Year Vibes

4. Cheers

5. Its The Final Countdown

6. Page 1 of 365

7. Clink Clink

8. Here For The Champagne

9. Welcome 2024

10. Bring On The Bubbly

11. New Year, New Beginnings

12. But First, We Toast

13. I’ve Got 2024 Vision

14. Save Water, Drink Champagne

15. See You Next Year

How Can I Order A Sign?

The easiest way to get in touch with us is via telephone, email or social media. Let us know your signage requirements so we can create a spectacular sign for you. Ellis Signs is the leading signage company in the North East, so you can rely on us to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Alternatively you can use North East events company Balloonilicious to hire out a neon sign for a night.

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