5 Types Of Signs Every Art Gallery Needs

November 4, 2022

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Art Gallery Signs - External halo-illuminated built up signage for Clarendon Fine Art

Art gallery signs can be just as important as the art. Quality signage is important for any business as it communicates brand values, thus making that principal first-impression.

Why Do You Need Signs In An Art Gallery?

They Act As A Wayfinding System

Wayfinding signs are signs which give people directions. There are lots of wayfinding signs which are essential for art galleries including toilet signs, exit signs and signs pointing to exhibitions. Wayfinding systems are especially beneficial if your art gallery is spread across a few floors.

They Allow You To Spread Brand Awareness

Every business has branding, and it is important to carry this on throughout your signage. Your branding includes logos, text and images associate with your business. Having a strong, recognisable brand is integral as it allows people to associate particular things with your business.

They Give People First Impressions

We live in a world where first-impressions are everything, so it is essential to give people an excellent first-impression of your business. One of the easiest ways to give people a good impression is with your external signage. Quality signs are always going to make a bigger impact than old, faded signage.

What Type Of Signs Should Art Galleries Have?

External Fascia

Having a sign which attaches to the front of your business is absolutely essential so that people know what your business is called. Your external fascia is a great way to make a huge impact because it is usually the first thing people will see in relation to your business. The quality and condition of a sign can actually put people off visiting your business, so it is a good idea to keep yours looking the best it can possibly be. The exterior signage we manufactured and installed for Clarendon Fine Art perfectly suits their contemporary branding.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are great for art galleries as they are a fun way of adding personality onto your gallery front. You could have something simple like your gallery name across the windows, or you could advertise a brand new exhibition. Window graphics are incredibly versatile, plus they can be easily changed regularly.

Projecting Signs

A projecting sign is a double sided sign which mounts onto the side of a building. They are great for increasing exposure as they can be seen from different directions, which also helps people find your business easier. Hanging projecting signs have always been a popular staple for art galleries- they’re the perfect option if you want to add some traditional elements to your gallery!


It is essential to let people visiting your gallery know the name of a piece of art, as well as the artist. Although plaques are small, they can still be manufactured in order to perfectly match your branding. It is best to keep these plaques simple so you don’t distract from the main attraction! 

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are an ideal addition to art galleries who want to add interaction to the space. Just like window graphics, wall graphics are versatile and can be changed often. You can even turn wall graphics into wayfinding systems, e.g. graphics which tell visitors what they can expect to find on each floor. Make sure your written wall graphics are at eye-level so they are easily visible.

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