Newcastle Neon Sign Ideas Perfect For Any Geordie

November 2, 2022

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Newcastle neon sign - Cool white 'Let's Get Mortal' sign for Make Your Event

A Newcastle neon sign is the perfect addition to any home or business in the toon. Our signs have plenty of personalisation options including wording, sizing and colour. Get some ideas from our list and add a touch of the toon to any space!

Any space can be easily transformed with the help of a Newcastle neon sign. Whether you want to incorporate some magpie references into your home, or a little bit of Geordie pop culture, we’ve got plenty of ideas to spruce up any blank space.

Newcastle Neon Sign Ideas

1. Newcastle United Crest

2. Howay The Lads

3. Newcastle Blue Star

4. Newcastle Brown Ale

5. Let’s Get Mortal (this sign can also be rented through Make Your Event)

6. Black and White Army

7. Get Off The Metro Now

8. Est. 1892

9. Radgie

10. Fog On The Tyne

What Colour Should I Choose For My LED Sign?

We offer a range of LED colour options- the choice is entirely yours! If you’re opting for a sign which celebrates your Geordie heritage, we’ve got a few colour recommendations.

Blue LED is a classic colour as this symbolises the iconic blue star associated with Newcastle. Another option is green LED as this can be associated with the famous Tyne Bridge. If you want to keep your sign neutral, we’d recommend a cool white or warm white LED as they are easy to blend in to any space.

Where Should I Display My Sign?

Wherever there is a power outlet, you can display your sign. If you’re purchasing a sign for the home, you can display your sign just about anywhere including a hallway, kitchen or living room. Neon signs can instantly transform any space, so they are ideal if you want to spruce up a bare wall.

How Can I Order A Sign?

To order a sign, simply contact us by telephone, email or social media. When enquiring, give us a brief idea of what you would like your sign to look like and we will work with you to create something you love. We have an abundance of inspiration available in our portfolio if you need more inspiration!

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