Signage For Coffee Shops – 7 Ideas To Boost Your Brand

July 20, 2022

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custom neon sign for coffee shop

Signage is essential for coffee shops because it gives you creative freedom to set your shop apart from the crowd.

When it comes to choosing signage for coffee shops, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many possibilities when it comes to coffee shop signage, but this isn’t a bad thing. With over 7000 coffee shops in the UK, it is essential to stand out.

Signage for Coffee Shops

External Signage

Why Is External Signage So Important?

External signage is the most important signage for any business. It allows you to make that all important first impression, and it can really make or break your footfall. Although we often get told not to judge a book by it’s cover, we do it anyway. However, in the case of signage, judging by the exterior isn’t always negative thing. According to the FedEx What’s Your Sign? survey, 8/10 of surveyed consumers said they would visit a business based on it’s signage alone. This statistic tells you just how important your exterior signage can be for your business. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service from you if your sign is modern and clean, rather than a business with a sign which is faded and has spelling errors.

Types of External Signage

Flat Cut Letters

One of the most popular exterior signage options for coffee shops is flat cut letters. There are plenty of options when it comes to flat cut letters including size, colour and material. Flat cut letters are made by cutting out a design on a flat piece of material using a CNC router- the letters are then installed by using locators to give a 3D effect. These letters are perfect for any coffee shop who wants to add some dimension to the front of their building.

Built Up Letters

Without a doubt, built up letters are the easiest way to stand out. Built up letters can be made using a variety of materials including stainless steel and acrylic. An added advantage of choosing built up letters is the fact they can be illuminated. Built up letters and illumination? Your coffee shop is guaranteed to stand out! Some popular options include face illumination and halo illumination- check out our LED gallery to get some inspiration!

Projecting Signage

Wherever your coffee shop is located, a projecting sign can be hugely beneficial. Projecting signs are double-sided signs which are mounted onto the side of a building. What makes projecting signs so useful is the way they can be seen from different angles, so it gives you the opportunity to increase your footfall. Another benefit of projecting signs is the fact they can be illuminated. This is perfect if your coffee shop is open late, as well as making yourself visible during the darker winter months.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a must for any coffee shop. Whether you want to opt for something simple like your logo, or if you want to go for a custom designed mural, #teamellis can create window graphics to fit the aesthetic of your coffee shop. One of the reasons window graphics are such a popular option is because of their versatility. There are endless customisation options, plus they can be changed easily.

Internal Signage

Why Is Internal Signage So Important?

Internal signage Is just as important as external signage. If you want to create a cohesive brand for your coffee shop, having a strong identity internally and externally is principal. One of the best ways you can create a brand for your coffee shop is through your signage. If your coffee shop has indoor seating, it is essential for customers to feel relaxed and welcomed.

Types of Internal Signage

LED Signage

The LED signs made by #teamellis are a crowd favourite. Just like some of the types of signage we’ve previously mentioned, LED signs also have an abundance of personalisation options. LED signs are popular amongst businesses right now because they are Instagrammable, so they are a great way of marketing your coffee shop online. As well as looking amazing, LED signs are eco-friendly, so they a great option for those who want to wow customers whilst being sustainable.

Menu Board

Menus are essential for any coffee shop so that customers know what food and drinks you offer. Menu boards also allow customers to choose what they would like to order whilst they are waiting in a queue. There are plenty of ways of advertising your menu through signage, including foamex panels and light boxes. Make sure your menu has a minimalistic design so that customers can easily scan for products and prices.

Wall Graphics

Like window graphics, wall graphics are an ideal solution for any coffee shop wanting to make a statement. Wall graphics are great for coffee shops who experience high-traffic because they are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about any marks or scuffs that may appear. They are also another simple way to spread brand awareness. Popular options for wall graphics in coffee shops include photos, art and quotes.

Before You Go…

If you’re ready boost the presence of your coffee shop, get in touch with #teamellis so we can help brew up some incredible signage for you.

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